Zap Fuel

Leading a natural energised future

Zapfuel, Taking EV travel to new frontiers

Getting past ‘gridlock’ to renewable energy charging

To get much-wanted electric vehicle uptake, New Zealand needs more charging stations with closer spacing and higher-capacity – to overcome range anxiety and queuing delays. But the electricity grid lacks the capacity in many places, and upgrading isn’t feasible.

The answer is Zap Fuel's innovative solar-energy-supplemented charging technology, with an R&D program that’s won recognition by Callaghan Innovation. It will pave the way for a new sustainable future of high EV mobility, being rolled out soon …


“First-in” investment opportunity


Zap Fuel's imminent “Electric Vehicle Charging Network” is a venture into a new renewable EV charging market at the ‘ground floor’ – setting the scene for future development and growth.

Will you join Zapfuel to help transform our small towns, remote tourist locations, and rural areas into an eco-friendly paradise for locals and travellers?


Our Story

30 years of experience in commercial construction diving and development of undersea electric vehicles inspired this adventure. As early adopters and lovers of EVs in our family, Zap Fuel saw a problem with the grid-limited charging infrastructure – especially in remote areas.
By working with solar power, Zap Fuel gained the know-how for a solution – to give range confidence to drivers to venture out and beyond. Now they have a high-calibre team on board to fulfil the vision.


New Zealand Electric vehicle market in numbers 

660,000 EVs

on NZ roads

by 2030


million tonnes of CO2 reduction per year

44,000 EV

chargers NZ will need by 2030


renewable energy transport by 2050