About Us

Zap Fuel Ltd is a Māori-owned business, and we are committed to the vision of a green sustainable future for our descendants, including employment opportunities for Māori youth.

Zap Fuel is the owner-operator of a new EV charging network, with manufacturing, maintenance, and back-end management delivered by the parties below. They are local as much as possible, to support the NZ economy and minimise supply chain disruptions.


Suppliers and Contractors

Hardware Manufacturing and Supply

Cashmere Engineering and Electrical Company

CEEC is one of the oldest steel supply and engineering businesses in Canterbury, established in 1947. It has delivered custom steel fabrication for large commercial projects, transportable structures, and the rural sector. It has also installed over 100 solar panels for residential customers.

The company has a long record of delivering reliable solutions. Insistence on quality and relationship building has led to 50% of work being repeat business.

Installation and Maintenance

Aotea Group

The Aotea Group is a collaborative network of locally owned companies making up the largest trade group in NZ. It has a presence in 28 locations, and collectively employs over 1,000 people providing local service on the ground.

The group offers scale, coverage, diversity, and innovation in a team of problem solvers, project managers, and trade experts, specialising in electrical, security, and communications.


Customer Services


Thundergrid provides operational services on their platform, including:

  • Flexible billing – smart transparent charging for public or private use, reimbursement of landowners for power use and employees for home charging, and public payment via a booking & tracking mobile app

  • Automated ‘roaming’ for EV drivers across charging networks

  • 24/7 monitoring and control – in real-time, including peak demand management and environmental reporting with insights into carbon emission offsets