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The foundations of sustainability are strong at Zap Fuel.  We believe the electric transportation is essential to building a sustainable future for all.

Our mission is to sustain a natural energy future by encouraging kiwis to implement smarter practices. Its apparent greenhouse gases are taking a strain on our environment, with 30% of vehicle emissions being produced, its our responsibility as business owners and consumers to lead a future of change, providing a sustainable future the next generation. 


Zap Fuel prides themselves by implementing sustainable practices and processes across the company, from the manufacturing process right through to the charging solution customers experience. Innovation has allowed the company to think beyond the traditional EV charging solution and provide a guilt free sustainable solution for users. By investing heavily in research and development, we are able to provide New Zealand the first sustainable EV charging station network, available across the country. By providing a seamless charging solution, which is one of its kind, companies, fleets and drivers are able to support a new model of charging that is New Zealand made and owned, beneficial for the economy and as a whole.